Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Snowbirds - What to Do Before Heading South

We all know them... Snowbirds.  Those lucky people that like the birds, migrate south in the winter for warmer weather and return home in the spring.  We all know someone who is lucky enough to do this, especially when we live in Central New York where winters and lake effect snow can be brutal.  Not all of us like this time of year and we either hibernate for the long winter so to speak or look to go south to avoid it.

What You Need to do to Protect Your Winter Nest

Those pesky To-Do Lists, yes that's right, you will need to do a few things before leaving the cold weather behind to help protect your home while you are away. 


So you may not be living there or have to shovel the snow in the cold or plow the driveway but you will need to make sure to have someone do this for you. Making sure that your gutters and chimneys have been cleaned and are free of debris is a good idea.  Check all of your windows and doors to make sure that they are shut and locked.  You will also want to forward your mail to either your new address for the time you are away or choose someone you trust to pick up your mail and send you anything important that you may need.  Cancel your newspaper deliveries during your time away.  The free papers you can't cancel though so you will still want someone or neighbors to grab those for you so that they do not pile up.  Properties that have mail piling up or snowy driveways and walkways are a an easy target for intruders as it lets them know the property is not lived in.  You should even try to find someone you trust to periodically check in and make sure that everything is okay at your home.  


Before you leave you will want to empty and clean your refrigerator and possibly freezer so that you can unplug the appliance while you are away.  Food will spoil and this will help to prevent any science experiments from growing while you are away only to jump up and surprise you when you return.  Stoves, refrigerators, freezers, toasters, etc all use electricity when plugged in even if the unit is not being used.  Cut energy costs by unplugging these items before you leave and it will also help to reduce the risk of fire damage while you are away.  


Just because you will not be home this winter doesn't mean that your home wont still need a little heat to stay warm.  You don't want to receive a phone call while you are away or return home to see that your home is flooded.  In order to help prevent this type of costly damage and headache it is suggested that you set your heat to 55-60 degrees in order to keep your pipes warm so that they do not freeze and burst.  You will also want to turn the main water line off while you are away to help prevent water damage.  Some people will even have the water evacuated from their pipes to prevent this from happening even further. 

Fire damage, water damage and theft are the most common threats to your home while you are away.  taking the proper steps ahead of time will help mitigate these risks and help to ensure that when the sun comes back and you come back that your winter nest is ready for you as well.  In the event that water damage or fire damage occur you can give us a call at (315) 750-4150 and our friendly staff can help you navigate your way through this unfortunate event and help alleviate some of the stress.  To find out more visit our website or check out our Facebook page.  

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