Friday, 24 February 2017

Warmer Weather Brings the Spring Fever Itch

3 Projects that May Require a Dumpster

 Spring Cleaning

Yes, that's right... Spring Cleaning really does exist.  It's not just a saying or something that your mother or grandmother says.  It really does happen.  Spring is the perfect time to get some dust and clutter taken care of and it helps you feel much healthier, better and lighter at the end of it.

Start by going through those closets in your home, yes the dreaded catch-alls that we only open to throw something into so that something is out of sight and out of mind.  We all have them, that one closet or room that holds all the treasures in life that we don't use or have room for but thought maybe one day we might.  I am just as guilty as the next person. I hold on to things for the what-if's in life or the I might need it.  But really it goes in the closet to be forgotten about.  Who knows, you may find some true treasures in there that the What-if day has come for.  Or something that you were holding onto for when the children or grandchildren got older that you wanted to pass down.  But for all the other items in there, you may laugh at some of the stuff you find in there, if it doesn't have a use toss it in the dumpster.  You may also be able to donate some of the other items to families in need and feel good about helping others in need and being able to make another family smile.

Do the bathrooms next and toss out those old torn and tattered towels and linens.  Get rid if the half empty shampoos and conditioners.  Toss in those old cosmetics, although there is no expiration date on them they still start to grow bacteria after a certain amount of time.

Head down to the kitchen and go through your cupboards and under the bench and say goodbye to that sandwich press that makes star wars imprints on the bread.  If you haven't used it in a year, chances are you won't be in another year from now.

Clean Up Your Garage

I know, procrastinate, procrastinate, excuses, excuses. "I will get to it next month", "It's too hot in the summer, I will have a stroke doing it then", It's way too cold this winter, I will definitely end up with a cold or hypothermia if I do it this winter", etc.  We all do it, we look at the garage and think to ourselves "If i got rid of some of this junk in here I might actually be able to park the car in here and get out without hitting anything with the door or stumbling over anything to get inside" but then we never can talk ourselves into actually doing the work.  We put it off and come up with excuses.  But when Spring rolls around and we are all sick of being cooped up inside is a perfect excuse for us to actually come up with excuses to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air.  Why not take that time to get outside and get that garage decluttered.  Get rid of all of those old bikes no one fits on or rides anymore, those boxes of old clothes or toys that we held onto to donate but never got around to it, the broken yard tools that we need to replace.  You can either toss it or donate it.  Now is the time to get up and start decluttering that garage so you can use it the way you want to use it and organize it so it fits your needs.  And it gives you an excuse to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  Just be sure that whatever you are throwing away in the dumpster is not hazardous waste.

Yard Cleanup

Oh winter... you are so good at covering up and blanketing all those leaves I never got to raking up before the first snow fall.  Winter allows us to slack off on yard work and forget about all those leaves and branches that we never took care of before the first snow fall.  It blankets and covers the tree limbs that fell during the snow storms and hides those bushes that finally succumbed to the winter ice and freeze.  And then here comes good old Spring... taking away that beautiful white blanket and revealing what lies ahead for us and what we forgot about.

It's the perfect time to get out there and start giving our yards the attention they deserve after a long winter of neglect.  Start to give it new life and beauty by removing the limbs that fell, and raking up those brown leaves that are suffocating our green grass that is waiting to grow.  And to get rid of those bushes that just weren't strong enough to make through old mother winter.  Once you are done removing all of that yard waste and placing it in your Bin There Dump That dumpster you will be left with a beautiful clean canvas that you can design anyway you envision.  Our 4 yd and 6 yd dumpsters are perfect for landscaping projects.  

Visit our website to see our dumpster sizes and to see which one would best suit your needs for the project you have planned.  And don't forget to ask us about our weekend specials for those of you that just need it from a Friday to a Monday for the project you have planned. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have and will find a bin size that best suits your needs.  Give us a call today at (315) 750-4150!

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