Thursday, 4 August 2016

5 Ways to Save on Your Next Dumpster Rental

Rent Local

It may seem like the logical thing - renting a dumpster from your regular weekly trash hauler but it may also be more expensive.  Often the regular weekly trash hauler is a larger corporation and with a larger corporation comes larger overhead costs which in turn can mean larger rental rates for you, the consumer.

It makes sense to rent from a local smaller business as their overhead costs are generally lower than that of larger corporations and therefore offer lower rates.  It also can mean better customer service when you rent local and from a smaller business.  No automated systems to punch numbers into only to be directed to the wrong department ending in frustration.  Smaller local businesses tend to have a live person for you speak with and they take the time to understand your needs so that they can better understand how to help you.

Avoid Brokers

When renting a dumpster you should try to avoid brokers.  You will want to avoid 800 numbers as these tend to be the broker numbers.  Look for local phone numbers and area codes instead if possible.  

Here is how a typical broker works.  The broker gets a call from you about a dumpster, they then call around to the local haulers and ask for rates.  They find a low rate (not necessarily the most reputable business or cost efficient based on your needs) that they like, place the order with the local hauler and then  turn around and charge 10% more for the dumpster service to you.  It is not uncommon for it to be upwards of $200 more for the service than that of what you could have paid if you had used the local hauler directly.  

The broker also is the middle man, meaning if something is wrong with the service or changes need to be made you do not deal directly with the hauler that delivers or removes your dumpster.  Instead you deal with the broker who then has to go back to the hauler to amend or find out answers before responding or remedying the situation.  

Know What You Are Paying For

If you are like me and you shop around for the best deal, not only on price but on quality then chances are that you will be shopping around for your next dumpster.  But when you do this it is important to know what those prices include.

Example: You call Company A and they quote you $250 for the one week rental and one ton of material.  Company B then quotes you $325 for a one week rental and two tons of material.

You may be inclined to jump at Company A because it is $75 cheaper than Company B at first glance.  When really Company B will be cheaper in the long run.  Because we typically tend to load in more than we expected to when first ordering the dumpster opting for the company that includes more weight in the rental cost is a more cost effective option.  When the dumpster is there we tend to find more items than we anticipated to throw in the bin resulting in heavier weights.

It is also a good idea to ask the company when calling around the following questions:
  1. What does the price include?
  2. Is the delivery and pick up included in the price?
  3. How much weight is included in the price?
  4. If the dumpster is over the weight included, what is the additional weight billed at?
  5. Are there any other costs such as fuel surcharges, mileage fees, additional charge items that are not covered under the quoted price?  If so what are those costs?
  6.  How long is the rental good for? And if I need it longer what is the rate?
  7. Do you guarantee driveway protection?
These are all important questions to ask when shopping around. Initial price may not be the cheapest in the end if you don't know what to ask about.  And also, was the company responsive, friendly and helpful?  Those are important factors to consider as well.

Share with a Neighbor

Next time you are looking for a dumpster consider going to your neighbors to see if they have any items they are looking to get rid of.  Sharing the cost of the rental and the dumpster for unwanted items that need to be disposed of just makes "cents".  You can often go in on the cost with your neighbors on a larger dumpster or even a smaller one depending on everyone's needs and wind up saving money in the end because you all split the cost.  You may even find that your neighbors are looking to get rid of items that they have no use for but that are in great condition and you have been looking for.  Finding gems in the rumble... and saving money at the same time as well as our planet.

Clean Loads

When renting a dumpster the material going into the dumpster is an important piece of the pricing.  Different materials are cheaper than other materials to get rid of.  If it is possible for you to have a clean load, meaning lets say you are doing excavating on your property and need a dumpster for dirt, if you are able to just have dirt in the dumpster you can save money.  Dirt tends to be cheaper to dispose of than let's say dirt and trees or even dirt and rocks.  

Being able to confidently say that the load with be "clean" meaning just dirt, just drywall, just concrete, etc will often impact the price that you are quoted.  Having multiple types of material such as household items (these tend to be the most expensive), concrete, roofing, drywall and wood, dirt, etc will increase the cost of the bin because it is more expensive to get rid of.

So the next time you need a dumpster consider all of these factors such as renting local, by giving us a call at Bin There Dump That! We have a courteous and professional staff that would love to take the time to understand what your needs are provide you with the most cost effective dumpster service based on your needs.  

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