Wednesday, 15 June 2016

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Father's Day 2016 - Help Dad With DIY Home Projects and Cleanups

Happy Father's day weekend all those dad's out there in Syracuse and Central New York.  As you all know Father's Day is this upcoming weekend which means many things.  Going fishing, playing golf, football, barbecuing and yes for those with daughters it may even mean dress up and tea parties!

Father's day is a time to celebrate our dads, for all of those times that were there to protect us, show us how to change a tire, walk into a room and show integrity, show us what the real world was like, learning to spit (ha ha ha), telling us we were safe and to suck it up when we got hurt and how to have a good time.

Father's are an integral part of lives.  "Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad" - Anne Geddes.  And that is so true.  I came across this parody song for Father's Day and think it is so funny and so true, you should definitely check it out at  "Dad Song" parody of "Fight Song".  It will make you laugh.

So if you are scrambling this year or stumped on what to do for that special dad in your life why not let Bin There Dump That help you celebrate your dad by providing you with a residential friendly, clean green dumpster.  We can deliver you a bin when you need it, place it on wooden boards to protect their driveway so there are NO ADDITIONAL projects that will need to be done after you help your father with DIY home projects and cleanups.

All you need to do is Call Us at (315) 750-4150 and one of our professional and friendly staff will walk you through any questions you may have, determine the size you may need based on the project you have going on and schedule your order.  You will have up to 7 days with the bin (great time to bond with dad) and we will even sweep up before we leave, letting you relax and spend time with your father.

"All you and/or your father need to do is fill the dumpster with whatever you are looking to get rid of, that you don't want, can't find a use for or can't recycle and Bin There Dump That will come to pick it up.  You are already scheduled for a pick 7 days after the delivery, unless scheduled for a different time when you place the order, so there is no need to worry about when it will be removed or to call to have it picked up because we make it easy for you." says Larry Williams, owner of Bin There Dump That.

So whatever your plans are for Father's Day, make sure to let your father know how special he is to you.

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