Thursday, 7 April 2016

Top 4 Tips For Tackling Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Don't neglect your outdoor spring cleaning chores. You can rent a dumpster, clean your decks, and do a little landscaping for a refreshed, revived look.

Spring cleaning involves far more than just wiping down cabinets and cleaning out closets. Your home's exterior will need just as much attention as the interior. By making a plan and following a few tips, your home and landscaping will be rejuvenated and ready for spring.

Clean Your Deck

Get your deck ready for summer by removing winter dirt and spring pollen. This is easy to do by hand with some deck cleaner and a soft bristle brush, however, if you have any algae or mildew present, it is better to use a deck power washer.

Spruce Up Vegetation

Another spring cleaning chore to add to your list involves sprucing up your landscaping. Put on a thick pair of gardening gloves and begin pulling weeds. If you have some low-lying trees or shrubs in your yard, get out a pair of pruning shears and give them cut. Remember you can easily dispose of the waste in a rental dumpster if you don't have a compost bin.

Clear Gutters

You should remove dirt and debris from your gutters at least once a year, possibly twice if you have overhanging trees. Safety needs to be at the forefront of your mind when cleaning gutters. To start, make sure your ladder is stable and wear rubber gloves and long sleeves. You can place a tarp on the ground and drop all of the debris straight onto the tarp, which can easily be emptied in the rental dumpster. To finish, spray water into the gutters and downspouts, checking for clogged areas that may need extra attention.

Don't Forget Your Car

Chances are you spend a lot of time in your car, which means it should be next on your spring cleaning checklist. Begin inside by removing toys, water bottles, or any trash that might have piled up during the winter. Next, vacuum the seats and flooring before moving on to the interior windows. Don't forget to wash the outside of your vehicle, especially the tires and undercarriage.

After you've finished your outdoor spring cleaning routine, you can look back at your home's exterior and landscaping with pride.


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