Thursday, 28 April 2016

Mother's Day 

Mother's Day is fast approaching here in Syracuse and across the world!  Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis in West Virginia when she held a memorial for her mother three years after her passing, to honor her for giving back and caring for wounded soldiers.  She first started campaigning for the national holiday in 1905 when her mother passed away and nine years later President Wilson signed a proclamation that stated that Mother's Day would be held on the second Sunday of May in honor of all mother's and all that they do for those they care for.

Many of us celebrate our mother's by getting them carnations, candy, cards or taking them out for dinner. But did you know that Ann Jarvis later started boycotting Mother's Day because of the commercialization of the holiday and the belief that simply buying something for your mother was not honoring her.  She believed that thought and effort should go into the card you gave your mother meaning that rather than buying a card and giving it to her that we should be making the cards ourselves to give to our mother's.

So often we purchase things to show appreciation rather than doing something for those that we care for that could have a whole lot more meaning and value than anything we could buy for them.  Sometimes a simple gesture, like cooking dinner or even doing the dishes for someone that normally does them means more than taking them out for dinner or buying them a card. It's a gesture that you are using your valuable time and effort to do something for them to help free up a little of their time and maybe lighten their load a little bit.

Have you ever asked a mother what her favorite gift was for mother's day? More times than not the answer is something so simple like "spending the day with her children doing something fun", "breakfast in bed" and even "that bracelet that you made me in third grade".  It usually is an answer where the gift had meaning or memories behind it. It's not generally a material gift but more a gift of the heart.

This year when celebrating Mother's Day maybe try to think of something that you could do for your mother that could invoke memories to treasure for years to come, make her her favorite dinner, put together a scrapbook or slide show of all the family vacations and outings that you all went on together, do something that she normally would do for you that you could do for her, cleaning out years of clutter and renting a dumpster, or even cleaning your room children... hahaha.  Sometimes something as simple as spending time with her is all that she wants.

Whatever you do this year to honor your mother this year let her know you appreciate her and all that she has done and continues do for you.  That alone is priceless.

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