Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hiring a General Contractor

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a 
General Contractor

Hiring a general contractor is not a small matter. Homeowners tend to make mistakes, so avoid common errors before moving forward with a project.

We know that homeowners have many questions and concerns when embarking on a remodeling project. With the major expense and upheaval involved with this type of renovation, it’s simply mandatory to avoid problems. This is why we want to help educate consumers about specific questions to ask before hiring a general contractor.

Vacating the Home – Some projects require people to be out of the home during the week. Before proceeding with a renovation, find out whether family members can be present in the residence during the process.

Clear Completion Dates – Homeowners should always ask for fixed start and completion dates to ensure that the work has clear parameters written into the agreement. A clean-up date should also be part of the agreement.

Daily Work Hours – Before hiring a general contractor, consumers should know the work hours. The agreement should include specific daily work hours during which the crew will be on the site and working on the project.

Dumpster Needed – Many projects require a dumpster on-site. If a project requires a dumpster, the agreement must spell out who arranges for its arrival and pays for the service.

Permits Required – Remodeling projects often require permits. The agreement must include a breakdown of the permits required and who will apply and purchase the permits.

Licensing and Insurance – Contractors must have licensing and insurance to comply with local laws. Ensure that anyone hired to work on a home has current licensing and insurance as required by law.

References – References provide valuable information about professionals working on a home improvement project. Before hiring a general contractor, we advise consumers to request references.

Homeowners should contact the references to interview them regarding the services received. We understand how important home renovation or remodeling is. Careful preparation and information gathering prior to the project can help avoid many frustrating and expensive problems.


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  4. Homeowners tend to make mistakes, so avoid common errors before moving forward with a