Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Three Quick Tips for Safely Lifting Heavy Items

When clearing out your space or working on a home renovation, safety can be difficult to constantly keep an eye on. Try these three ways to make sure your safety is your top priority when clearing out heavy items from your home.

Clearing out large spaces or rooms can be a difficult task on its own, not to mention adding the extra steps to make sure the work is done safely and correctly. When time or money is a high priority, unfortunately, many people will try to save a little here and there by skimping on safety protocol. But home renovation safety should never be taken lightly, especially when there are quick and easy ways to make sure you're protecting yourself and your help from danger. We've listed three easy ways to make sure your home renovations are safe and compliant.

1. Use Proper Safety Gear

When renovating a home, use steel-toed shoes, gloves, and eye protection to easily make sure no accidents occur delaying the renovation or racking up medical bills along the way.   This will make sure your home renovation safety is taken care of without any extra work. Making sure your gear fits well and doesn't slide off can prevent doing damage to yourself, the home, or your gear.

2. Rent a Dolly and Don't Do It All Yourself

Saving a few extra bucks here and there by doing everything by yourself increases your likelihood of getting a serious injury (and definitely won't save you money in the long run). Instead, ask a few friends for a day of help to get the big tasks taken care of, and rent a dolly to help take big items out of the way quickly.

3. Lift With Your Legs, Not Your Back

When it comes to home renovation, safety is key. One of the quickest ways to decrease your risk of getting hurt is to use proper lifting form while removing heavy items. Lifting with your legs instead of pulling with your back can prevent serious (and sometimes permanent) injury to your spinal column and vertebrae.  Once you have injured your back once you are at risk of further injuries to your back. Remember always to take the time to listen to your body if something begins to hurt.

Making changes to your home can be a rewarding accomplishment, especially if you take the time to do it yourself! Remember, when it comes to home renovation safety, proper steps to prevent injury should never be overlooked or taken lightly. Follow the three tips above, and you'll be on your way to a safely renovated home.

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