Friday, 20 November 2015

The Right Dumpster Rental Company For You


When seeking dumpster rentals for a project or larger event, the company flexibility, pricing, and reviews of the company should factor into your decision.

There are lots of projects, from personal renovations to large parties or events, that require dumpster rentals. There are also several options of companies from which to rent dumpsters. But not all dumpster rental companies are created equal. "An honest company will be up front about what you need for your project and how long it will take to get there," says owner Larry Williams. Here are some things to consider when selecting a company to do business with.


Even when you have a good idea of the size and length of time your project or event will take, things happen. When utilizing dumpster rentals, you want to make sure that you're working with a company that offers flexible scheduling. Look for a company that offers set pick-up and drop-off times, so you're not waiting for hours or even days to have your dumpster delivered or removed. Also look for companies that allow you to add days to your rental if filling the dumpster takes a little longer than expected. Make sure to ask these questions upfront so you know if the dumpster company is right for you before you get too involved with your project.


Cost is the deciding factor in many people's decision to choose a company for dumpster rentals. Pricing for dumpster rentals usually depends on these factors:

- Size (yardage) of the dumpster
- Amount (tonnage) of waste that will be removed
- Waste that will be placed in the dumpster
- Length (in days or weeks) of the time for rental
- Location the dumpster will be delivered to

Some companies will also change pricing based on the demand for dumpsters. Months where home improvement projects are high, or there are a lot of events going on, will sometimes affect the price of your rental. Be sure to also ask about additional fees such as delivery charges, pick up charges, fuel surcharges, and tonnage allowances or charges. The original quote may not encompass all of these fees, so the cost that seemed affordable at first could add up by the end of the rental to be over budget.

Be aware of the way that the company you work with calculates the final cost of your dumpster. Look for a company that provides consistent pricing on their dumpster rentals, no matter the demand. This ensures that you can expect the same level of quality from the business with each and every visit.


Online reviews are a great way for you to get a sense of a company before you begin working with them. Sites like Yelp, Google +, and Angie's List, as well as the company's own website reviews, allow customers to provide valuable feedback on their interaction with a company. When looking for a business that does dumpster rentals, be sure to look at reviews of the company's pricing and service.

Although one negative review is not indicative of a company's performance, several reviews citing the same problems could mean that the company is not addressing these issues. Likewise, a company that receives several positive reviews is probably one that values customer feedback and works hard to provide a good rental experience.

Bin There Dump That seeks to provide all customers with a high-quality dumpster rental experience, regardless of the size of the dumpster or the length of rental. When you're ready to rent, call Bin There Dump That for a free estimate on your rental today.


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