Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Holidays are Coming: Get Rid of Your Junk!

The holidays are approaching, so now is the time to clean. Declutter your home to make room for visiting family.

The anticipation of the holidays can be invigorating! If you are using this extra motivation to declutter your home, you are not alone. Imagine how much more enjoyable this special time will be if your house is clean and organized. You can also look forward to less anxiety, thanks to your neat surroundings. If it's time to get rid of old junk and clean out your residence, help is available!

Accommodating Guests

Hosting a big family event is a common occurrence during the holidays. If you plan to have overnight guests, you will need to prepare your home to accommodate extra people. This might involve cleaning out spare bedrooms and decluttering other areas of your home. You will need to ensure that you have enough room for sleeping quarters and storage of everyone's belongings. Instead of just shifting items from one place to another, it might just be time to get rid of some things altogether. If you decide to purge your home of some of these items, consider ordering a dumpster for your driveway. Our dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to fit any need. We will also return to haul the bin away whenever you are ready.

Clearing the Garage

There are plenty of benefits to having a neat and tidy garage. Imagine the bliss of having space to park your vehicles in the garage this winter instead of housing a bunch of junk there. One estimate suggests that only about 30 percent of households can actually park their vehicles in the garage. No more scraping ice and snow from your windows when you tuck your cars into the garage every night. You can order just the dumpster you need to enable you to clear out your garage and reclaim it for your vehicles.

Downsizing and Simplifying

Surrounding yourself with excessive clutter can be emotionally draining. The complications of managing too much stuff can cause anxiety and stress for many people. If you're ready to simplify your life before the holidays arrive, an in-depth decluttering of the home can be surprisingly therapeutic. Once you have a dumpster sitting in your driveway, you might be amazed at how motivated you are to fill it up with items you no longer want.

Prepare for the holidays with a little extra effort this year to make your home clean and organized. Your family and your guests will appreciate your tidy home.  Please contact us at your convenience to reserve your bin today.

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