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Can I dispose of Hazardous Waste in my Bin There Dump That dumpster rental?

What is Hazardous Waste?

We have all heard about hazardous waste but do we know what it really is or what to do with it? The fact is most of us do not know what is considered to be hazardous waste.  And if we don't know what it is how are we suppose to know what to do with it.  We will attempt to breakdown what hazardous waste is for you as well as give you alternatives for how to dispose of it safely so that we can keep our world safer for ourselves and our loved ones.

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Different Types of Hazardous Waste

Did you know that the average person in the US generates an average of 4 pounds of hazardous waste a year? That's roughly 20 pounds of hazardous waste per household and roughly 530,000 tons per year in the US alone according to the EPA.

So if we are generating that much hazardous waste in a year what are the items that we have that account for that number and how do we safely dispose of them.  That's a great question!  Below are a list of standard examples of household hazardous waste that the typical household generates each year and has laying around the house.

Can I dispose of Household Hazardous waste in my Bin There Dump That dumpster rental in Syracuse NY?

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Although we can’t eliminate the use of household hazardous products, we can manage the way we dispose of them and try to recycle them when possible. Take the time to learn proper disposal methods in your community. For details, call your local solid waste agency, OCRRA covers Onondaga counties waste and has useful information on their website as do other agencies. By following disposal instructions, you provide municipalities with the opportunity to remove products from the solid waste stream by obtaining them for reuse or recycling and to reduce the potential for accidental exposures to sanitation workers, materials recovery facility workers, landfill workers, and the environment. 

Although each county may offer different disposal options or may not have a clear concise option available themselves, the following are some basic guidelines for managing waste: 
  •  Follow manufacturer instructions: Always read the label and follow manufacturer recommendations for use and storage. Some labels may also provide disposal recommendations. 
  • Don’t mix household hazardous waste with other products as potentially dangerous reactions may occur. 
  • Use it up: Be a smart consumer and buy only what is needed. More is not always better as is in the case of hazardous materials. 
  • Donate: Give remaining paint, household cleaners, or other products to a local charity, church, service organization, theater group, local housing authority, or a even a neighbor.  Habitat for Humanity is a great place to start as they have ReStores in many communities that allow for reuse of a lot of these materials and often can arrange for pick up if on the larger scale.  
  • Recycle: Products such as automobile batteries and oil can be recycled at most places that sell them. Also, check with your local solid waste agency for additional community recycling options. 
  • Save for a collection day: Some communities have a waste collection day or permanent collection sites for household hazardous waste. Check with your local county, chamber of commerce, or state solid waste or environmental agency to find out if there is a collection program in your area.  
  • Learn about alternatives: Consider using some alternative products or methods that do not contain or involve hazardous ingredients. 

Who can I contact in my Community?

Whether you live in Syracuse, Oswego, Chittenango, Cortland, Ithaca, Watertown, Rome, Utica or Auburn NY you can save wastes for a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Programs.  You can find a full list of NYS E-Waste Collection Sites on the NYS DEC website and ways to recycle these products

Call one of the following DEC Offices based on the county you live in to obtain disposal information:
  • Region 1 - Suffolk and Nassau Counties - (631) 444-0375
  • Region 2 - Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island - (718) 482-4996
  • Region 3 - Sullivan, Ulster, Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester Counties - (845) 256-3123
  • Region 4 - Montgomery, Otsego, Delaware, Schoharie, Schenectady, Albany, Greene, Rensselaer and Columbia Counties - (518) 357-2045
  • Region 5 - Franklin, Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren, Fulton, Saratoga and Washington Counties - (518) 897-1299 or (518) 623-1230
  • Region 6 - Jefferson, St. Lawrence, Lewis, Oneida and Herkimer Counties - (315) 793-2590
  • Region 7 - Oswego, Cayuga, Onondaga, Madison, Tompkins, Cortland, Chenango, Tioga and Broome Counties - (315) 426-7419
  • Region 8 - Orleans, Monroe, Wayne, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Yates, Seneca, Steuben, Schuyler and Chemung Counties - (716) 226-5411
  • Region 9 - Niagara, Erie, Wyoming, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties - (716) 851-7220
If you are ready to rent a dumpster or have any other questions regarding this feel free to contact Bin There Dump That at (315) 750-4150 and a friendly representative would be happy to assist you.  For additional questions about renting a dumpster check out our FAQ page.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Snowbirds - What to Do Before Heading South

We all know them... Snowbirds.  Those lucky people that like the birds, migrate south in the winter for warmer weather and return home in the spring.  We all know someone who is lucky enough to do this, especially when we live in Central New York where winters and lake effect snow can be brutal.  Not all of us like this time of year and we either hibernate for the long winter so to speak or look to go south to avoid it.

What You Need to do to Protect Your Winter Nest

Those pesky To-Do Lists, yes that's right, you will need to do a few things before leaving the cold weather behind to help protect your home while you are away. 


So you may not be living there or have to shovel the snow in the cold or plow the driveway but you will need to make sure to have someone do this for you. Making sure that your gutters and chimneys have been cleaned and are free of debris is a good idea.  Check all of your windows and doors to make sure that they are shut and locked.  You will also want to forward your mail to either your new address for the time you are away or choose someone you trust to pick up your mail and send you anything important that you may need.  Cancel your newspaper deliveries during your time away.  The free papers you can't cancel though so you will still want someone or neighbors to grab those for you so that they do not pile up.  Properties that have mail piling up or snowy driveways and walkways are a an easy target for intruders as it lets them know the property is not lived in.  You should even try to find someone you trust to periodically check in and make sure that everything is okay at your home.  


Before you leave you will want to empty and clean your refrigerator and possibly freezer so that you can unplug the appliance while you are away.  Food will spoil and this will help to prevent any science experiments from growing while you are away only to jump up and surprise you when you return.  Stoves, refrigerators, freezers, toasters, etc all use electricity when plugged in even if the unit is not being used.  Cut energy costs by unplugging these items before you leave and it will also help to reduce the risk of fire damage while you are away.  


Just because you will not be home this winter doesn't mean that your home wont still need a little heat to stay warm.  You don't want to receive a phone call while you are away or return home to see that your home is flooded.  In order to help prevent this type of costly damage and headache it is suggested that you set your heat to 55-60 degrees in order to keep your pipes warm so that they do not freeze and burst.  You will also want to turn the main water line off while you are away to help prevent water damage.  Some people will even have the water evacuated from their pipes to prevent this from happening even further. 

Fire damage, water damage and theft are the most common threats to your home while you are away.  taking the proper steps ahead of time will help mitigate these risks and help to ensure that when the sun comes back and you come back that your winter nest is ready for you as well.  In the event that water damage or fire damage occur you can give us a call at (315) 750-4150 and our friendly staff can help you navigate your way through this unfortunate event and help alleviate some of the stress.  To find out more visit our website or check out our Facebook page.  

Monday, 27 November 2017

Just wanted to share with all of you our latest video that we created.  Please let me know if you like it or not.  You can also check it out on our Facebook page and you can like it there and share with others who may be in need of a dumpster.

We Love Helping You Feel Better and Live Better!

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Warmer Weather Brings the Spring Fever Itch

3 Projects that May Require a Dumpster

 Spring Cleaning

Yes, that's right... Spring Cleaning really does exist.  It's not just a saying or something that your mother or grandmother says.  It really does happen.  Spring is the perfect time to get some dust and clutter taken care of and it helps you feel much healthier, better and lighter at the end of it.

Start by going through those closets in your home, yes the dreaded catch-alls that we only open to throw something into so that something is out of sight and out of mind.  We all have them, that one closet or room that holds all the treasures in life that we don't use or have room for but thought maybe one day we might.  I am just as guilty as the next person. I hold on to things for the what-if's in life or the I might need it.  But really it goes in the closet to be forgotten about.  Who knows, you may find some true treasures in there that the What-if day has come for.  Or something that you were holding onto for when the children or grandchildren got older that you wanted to pass down.  But for all the other items in there, you may laugh at some of the stuff you find in there, if it doesn't have a use toss it in the dumpster.  You may also be able to donate some of the other items to families in need and feel good about helping others in need and being able to make another family smile.

Do the bathrooms next and toss out those old torn and tattered towels and linens.  Get rid if the half empty shampoos and conditioners.  Toss in those old cosmetics, although there is no expiration date on them they still start to grow bacteria after a certain amount of time.

Head down to the kitchen and go through your cupboards and under the bench and say goodbye to that sandwich press that makes star wars imprints on the bread.  If you haven't used it in a year, chances are you won't be in another year from now.

Clean Up Your Garage

I know, procrastinate, procrastinate, excuses, excuses. "I will get to it next month", "It's too hot in the summer, I will have a stroke doing it then", It's way too cold this winter, I will definitely end up with a cold or hypothermia if I do it this winter", etc.  We all do it, we look at the garage and think to ourselves "If i got rid of some of this junk in here I might actually be able to park the car in here and get out without hitting anything with the door or stumbling over anything to get inside" but then we never can talk ourselves into actually doing the work.  We put it off and come up with excuses.  But when Spring rolls around and we are all sick of being cooped up inside is a perfect excuse for us to actually come up with excuses to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air.  Why not take that time to get outside and get that garage decluttered.  Get rid of all of those old bikes no one fits on or rides anymore, those boxes of old clothes or toys that we held onto to donate but never got around to it, the broken yard tools that we need to replace.  You can either toss it or donate it.  Now is the time to get up and start decluttering that garage so you can use it the way you want to use it and organize it so it fits your needs.  And it gives you an excuse to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  Just be sure that whatever you are throwing away in the dumpster is not hazardous waste.

Yard Cleanup

Oh winter... you are so good at covering up and blanketing all those leaves I never got to raking up before the first snow fall.  Winter allows us to slack off on yard work and forget about all those leaves and branches that we never took care of before the first snow fall.  It blankets and covers the tree limbs that fell during the snow storms and hides those bushes that finally succumbed to the winter ice and freeze.  And then here comes good old Spring... taking away that beautiful white blanket and revealing what lies ahead for us and what we forgot about.

It's the perfect time to get out there and start giving our yards the attention they deserve after a long winter of neglect.  Start to give it new life and beauty by removing the limbs that fell, and raking up those brown leaves that are suffocating our green grass that is waiting to grow.  And to get rid of those bushes that just weren't strong enough to make through old mother winter.  Once you are done removing all of that yard waste and placing it in your Bin There Dump That dumpster you will be left with a beautiful clean canvas that you can design anyway you envision.  Our 4 yd and 6 yd dumpsters are perfect for landscaping projects.  

Visit our website to see our dumpster sizes and to see which one would best suit your needs for the project you have planned.  And don't forget to ask us about our weekend specials for those of you that just need it from a Friday to a Monday for the project you have planned. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have and will find a bin size that best suits your needs.  Give us a call today at (315) 750-4150!

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5 Ways to Save on Your Next Dumpster Rental

Rent Local

It may seem like the logical thing - renting a dumpster from your regular weekly trash hauler but it may also be more expensive.  Often the regular weekly trash hauler is a larger corporation and with a larger corporation comes larger overhead costs which in turn can mean larger rental rates for you, the consumer.

It makes sense to rent from a local smaller business as their overhead costs are generally lower than that of larger corporations and therefore offer lower rates.  It also can mean better customer service when you rent local and from a smaller business.  No automated systems to punch numbers into only to be directed to the wrong department ending in frustration.  Smaller local businesses tend to have a live person for you speak with and they take the time to understand your needs so that they can better understand how to help you.

Avoid Brokers

When renting a dumpster you should try to avoid brokers.  You will want to avoid 800 numbers as these tend to be the broker numbers.  Look for local phone numbers and area codes instead if possible.  

Here is how a typical broker works.  The broker gets a call from you about a dumpster, they then call around to the local haulers and ask for rates.  They find a low rate (not necessarily the most reputable business or cost efficient based on your needs) that they like, place the order with the local hauler and then  turn around and charge 10% more for the dumpster service to you.  It is not uncommon for it to be upwards of $200 more for the service than that of what you could have paid if you had used the local hauler directly.  

The broker also is the middle man, meaning if something is wrong with the service or changes need to be made you do not deal directly with the hauler that delivers or removes your dumpster.  Instead you deal with the broker who then has to go back to the hauler to amend or find out answers before responding or remedying the situation.  

Know What You Are Paying For

If you are like me and you shop around for the best deal, not only on price but on quality then chances are that you will be shopping around for your next dumpster.  But when you do this it is important to know what those prices include.

Example: You call Company A and they quote you $250 for the one week rental and one ton of material.  Company B then quotes you $325 for a one week rental and two tons of material.

You may be inclined to jump at Company A because it is $75 cheaper than Company B at first glance.  When really Company B will be cheaper in the long run.  Because we typically tend to load in more than we expected to when first ordering the dumpster opting for the company that includes more weight in the rental cost is a more cost effective option.  When the dumpster is there we tend to find more items than we anticipated to throw in the bin resulting in heavier weights.

It is also a good idea to ask the company when calling around the following questions:
  1. What does the price include?
  2. Is the delivery and pick up included in the price?
  3. How much weight is included in the price?
  4. If the dumpster is over the weight included, what is the additional weight billed at?
  5. Are there any other costs such as fuel surcharges, mileage fees, additional charge items that are not covered under the quoted price?  If so what are those costs?
  6.  How long is the rental good for? And if I need it longer what is the rate?
  7. Do you guarantee driveway protection?
These are all important questions to ask when shopping around. Initial price may not be the cheapest in the end if you don't know what to ask about.  And also, was the company responsive, friendly and helpful?  Those are important factors to consider as well.

Share with a Neighbor

Next time you are looking for a dumpster consider going to your neighbors to see if they have any items they are looking to get rid of.  Sharing the cost of the rental and the dumpster for unwanted items that need to be disposed of just makes "cents".  You can often go in on the cost with your neighbors on a larger dumpster or even a smaller one depending on everyone's needs and wind up saving money in the end because you all split the cost.  You may even find that your neighbors are looking to get rid of items that they have no use for but that are in great condition and you have been looking for.  Finding gems in the rumble... and saving money at the same time as well as our planet.

Clean Loads

When renting a dumpster the material going into the dumpster is an important piece of the pricing.  Different materials are cheaper than other materials to get rid of.  If it is possible for you to have a clean load, meaning lets say you are doing excavating on your property and need a dumpster for dirt, if you are able to just have dirt in the dumpster you can save money.  Dirt tends to be cheaper to dispose of than let's say dirt and trees or even dirt and rocks.  

Being able to confidently say that the load with be "clean" meaning just dirt, just drywall, just concrete, etc will often impact the price that you are quoted.  Having multiple types of material such as household items (these tend to be the most expensive), concrete, roofing, drywall and wood, dirt, etc will increase the cost of the bin because it is more expensive to get rid of.

So the next time you need a dumpster consider all of these factors such as renting local, by giving us a call at Bin There Dump That! We have a courteous and professional staff that would love to take the time to understand what your needs are provide you with the most cost effective dumpster service based on your needs.  

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

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Father's Day 2016 - Help Dad With DIY Home Projects and Cleanups

Happy Father's day weekend all those dad's out there in Syracuse and Central New York.  As you all know Father's Day is this upcoming weekend which means many things.  Going fishing, playing golf, football, barbecuing and yes for those with daughters it may even mean dress up and tea parties!

Father's day is a time to celebrate our dads, for all of those times that were there to protect us, show us how to change a tire, walk into a room and show integrity, show us what the real world was like, learning to spit (ha ha ha), telling us we were safe and to suck it up when we got hurt and how to have a good time.

Father's are an integral part of lives.  "Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad" - Anne Geddes.  And that is so true.  I came across this parody song for Father's Day and think it is so funny and so true, you should definitely check it out at  "Dad Song" parody of "Fight Song".  It will make you laugh.

So if you are scrambling this year or stumped on what to do for that special dad in your life why not let Bin There Dump That help you celebrate your dad by providing you with a residential friendly, clean green dumpster.  We can deliver you a bin when you need it, place it on wooden boards to protect their driveway so there are NO ADDITIONAL projects that will need to be done after you help your father with DIY home projects and cleanups.

All you need to do is Call Us at (315) 750-4150 and one of our professional and friendly staff will walk you through any questions you may have, determine the size you may need based on the project you have going on and schedule your order.  You will have up to 7 days with the bin (great time to bond with dad) and we will even sweep up before we leave, letting you relax and spend time with your father.

"All you and/or your father need to do is fill the dumpster with whatever you are looking to get rid of, that you don't want, can't find a use for or can't recycle and Bin There Dump That will come to pick it up.  You are already scheduled for a pick 7 days after the delivery, unless scheduled for a different time when you place the order, so there is no need to worry about when it will be removed or to call to have it picked up because we make it easy for you." says Larry Williams, owner of Bin There Dump That.

So whatever your plans are for Father's Day, make sure to let your father know how special he is to you.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Mother's Day 

Mother's Day is fast approaching here in Syracuse and across the world!  Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis in West Virginia when she held a memorial for her mother three years after her passing, to honor her for giving back and caring for wounded soldiers.  She first started campaigning for the national holiday in 1905 when her mother passed away and nine years later President Wilson signed a proclamation that stated that Mother's Day would be held on the second Sunday of May in honor of all mother's and all that they do for those they care for.

Many of us celebrate our mother's by getting them carnations, candy, cards or taking them out for dinner. But did you know that Ann Jarvis later started boycotting Mother's Day because of the commercialization of the holiday and the belief that simply buying something for your mother was not honoring her.  She believed that thought and effort should go into the card you gave your mother meaning that rather than buying a card and giving it to her that we should be making the cards ourselves to give to our mother's.

So often we purchase things to show appreciation rather than doing something for those that we care for that could have a whole lot more meaning and value than anything we could buy for them.  Sometimes a simple gesture, like cooking dinner or even doing the dishes for someone that normally does them means more than taking them out for dinner or buying them a card. It's a gesture that you are using your valuable time and effort to do something for them to help free up a little of their time and maybe lighten their load a little bit.

Have you ever asked a mother what her favorite gift was for mother's day? More times than not the answer is something so simple like "spending the day with her children doing something fun", "breakfast in bed" and even "that bracelet that you made me in third grade".  It usually is an answer where the gift had meaning or memories behind it. It's not generally a material gift but more a gift of the heart.

This year when celebrating Mother's Day maybe try to think of something that you could do for your mother that could invoke memories to treasure for years to come, make her her favorite dinner, put together a scrapbook or slide show of all the family vacations and outings that you all went on together, do something that she normally would do for you that you could do for her, cleaning out years of clutter and renting a dumpster, or even cleaning your room children... hahaha.  Sometimes something as simple as spending time with her is all that she wants.

Whatever you do this year to honor your mother this year let her know you appreciate her and all that she has done and continues do for you.  That alone is priceless.